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  • Is Your Knowledge Content?

    “in reading the Scriptures we should constantly direct our inquiries and meditations to those things which tend to edification, not indulge in curiosity, or in studying things of no use. And since the Lord has been pleased to instruct us, not in frivolous questions, but in solid piety, in the

  • More Dreams than Memories

    I was at a recent gathering of pastors and we were discussing leadership in our churches. One of the comments made was profound: “If you have more memories than dreams, that is a problem.” The context had to do with being careful of not getting “stuck in the past.” This

  • What does it mean to give God glory?

    What does it mean to give God glory?  What a great question! I heard a great answer to this question this week as I was listening to a sermon. This also happens to be a sermon from the church we attended when we lived in Idaho. Check out the whole