We are part of The Evangelical Free Church of America and hold to their statement of faith.

Various Backgrounds

Our church is a home to people from various Christians traditions—from baptist, to reformed, to methodist, to charismatic and more. This variety gives beauty as we love one another. As an Evangelical Free Church, we “major on the majors, and minor on the minors."

Common Commitments

Our Statement of Faith establishes the core orthodox doctrine of our church. We practice charity in secondary matters, while finding unity in the essentials. This focuses us as we worship serve our Lord Jesus together.

Thoughtful Worship

Our worship includes intentional times of prayer, singing of hymns ancient and modern, expository preaching, and weekly communion. We strive to be biblically rooted, historically informed, and personally engaged.

We joyfully partner with the following missionaries:


Tim Kenney


Jason Smith



We are committed to knowing Jesus and making Him known. This means that we are passionate about understanding the Bible, because it is all about Jesus.

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What to Expect


Welcome & Announcements
Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, & Preparation for Worship
Hymn Singing
Recitation of our Statement of Faith
Congregational Prayer
Scripture Reading
Hymn Singing
Hymn Singing
The Lord’s Supper


We strive to be reverent toward God and welcoming toward all sorts of people. Some people dress casually, others more formally. Some of our people are express praise through raising their hands, others through still contemplation. Sometimes we are very serious and sometimes we laugh a lot. Our Sunday morning gathering is usually 50 people. We tend to sing hymns in a simple style so we can hear one another sing. We have snacks after our morning worship, and we like to stay and visit.

Children and Teens

Children are welcome in our worship services—we encourage it. Parents may utilize the nursery in the basement, with access to audio and video of the worship service. We host a children’s Sunday school during our 5:30 evening worship and a Teen Bible Study on Friday nights.


Outside of the Lord’s Day, our church gathers for Bible Studies at various times and places. We grow in our friendship with one another and as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Contact us for more information.


We grieve all sickness in this fallen world. Covid-19 is no exception. We pray for the end to this virus, healing of those affected, and protection of the vulnerable. We trust each person and family to determine what prevention measures are necessary, but we do not require any. We are committed to continuing to gather in person and greeting one another with brotherly affection. We strive to provide spiritual care for those who are shut-in during this time.