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Why I Love Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, I love the music, I love the food, I love the time with family, and I love the gifts. I love Christmas, but not in a superficial way, and I want to celebrate Christmas in ways that are not superficial.

I love Christmas, because it is a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Sure, it probably isn’t his actual birthday, but that is far from important. It really doesn’t matter what day Jesus was born, what matters is that he was born, and that is what I celebrate.

And I know that it is tempting to become a scrooge at Christmas time–especially if you are a Christian. The materialism is rank. The gods of commercialism and self are worshiped. People get drunk to seem happy, buy things to escape, and end up feeling empty and depressed. And even some of the more lighthearted things: Like Santa and Christmas Trees can seem like lies and pagan rituals. And this has led many to cast Christmas celebrations aside.

Not me, and I hope you don’t either. Because Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, and though many people don’t see that or celebrate that, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of the situation. Make Christmas about Jesus, because that is what it is all about:

Decorate your home with lights and beauty to remind people that Jesus is the light of the world who came to rescue a people from eternal darkness, and welcome them to his glorious and beautiful kingdom.

Sing Christmas songs joyfully as the Savior has come–receive your King!

Eat good food and drink good drink to the praise and glory of God–celebrate with a feast, the King is born!

Spend time with your family–even if they drive you nuts–because through Jesus God has adopted his people–a diverse people–into his family.

Lavish your loved ones with gifts, because God gave the most costly and most valuable gift of all, his one an only Son, so that you might be forgiven of sin and have eternal life.

And if you are having a little bit of a tough time getting into the Christmas spirit, I encourage you to watch this video, and think about the unique and infinitely valuable gift of Jesus Christ–celebrate Him this Christmas!

(Note: This song was originally recorded by “Downhere” but I like this acoustic version best)

Press on,

Tim K.

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