Justin Bolles, Deacon of Finance

My Christian faith solidified in college, when perhaps for the first time, I grasped the simple truth of the Gospel — “Jesus died so I might belong to Him!”  That realization and acceptance of His wonderful sacrifice for my personal sin condition started a spiritual journey that began at a Calvary Chapel campus fellowship and continues today at Crossroads Bible Church.  As with most spiritual journeys, there have been highs and lows, but through it all Jesus continues to call, “Follow me.”

As a career scientist, Justin does not hold a paid staff position at the church, but serves as a deacon and is a member of the Stewardship Team.  He is actively involved in various ministries and assists leadership in accomplishing administrative functions and other tasks.    

One blessing I have when the congregation gathers is to lead corporate prayer.  I also occasionally provide pulpit fill for Pastor Tim and assist the music ministry.  Observing how God answers prayer, short-term missions, and biblical studies are areas that excite me.  I’m especially passionate about Bible geography and have even studied in Israel at Jerusalem University College.  One-to-one discussions or small group encounters where I can share God’s love and truth for daily living to those who struggle emotionally is very rewarding.  It’s so encouraging and humbling to watch what happens when people trust Jesus with their lives and become aware of their need for complete dependence on God.   

When not working or engaged in ministry functions, you will likely find Justin spending time with friends and family, jogging the streets of Richland, browsing used bookstores for more books to read, or pondering another overseas travel adventure.  His fervent desire is that he would be a faithful witness of Christ’s compassion and unchanging love no matter whether the path is smooth or rocky.